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Product Descriptions: Many e-retailers fail to see the value in having unique product descriptions that are both SEO focused and optimized for sales conversions. Earned Solutions can help carve out a strategy for creating new product descriptions or optimizing current ones. Give your customers the information they need and make your site more searchable by creating product descriptions that have your complete strategy in mind.


Category Pages: Category pages often go extended periods of time without being updated, and even worse, left blank in many cases. Don't miss out on another opportunity to give your online store high-quality, searchable content. Category pages can also increase user experience and add additional pages for you to link to in your PPC and Social Media strategies.


Localized Content: Offer specific products only in certain areas? Maybe you have liscensed sports products that would appeal to fans of those teams. Learn how Earned Solutions can help you create a strategy that involves creating special content pages that speak to these customer segments.

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Digital Media

Many e-commerce shops rely solely on their product images and site design as digital media content. Give your site additional feature rich content by incorporating digital media assets. Infographics on product uses, interactive style and size charts, product videos, un-boxing videos, and various other digital content can be created to give your customers more insight on your products' features, usage, or fit.


Increase traffic conversions and manage customer expectations when you let the Earned Solutions team deliver digital media assets essential to your customers needs.

Digital Media


As an online retailer, we are confident that you have incorporated SEO into all that you do. However, Earned Solutions can provide you with tools to get the most value out of your digital marketing efforts. Landing pages for PPC, managing META tags and descriptions, and URL Rewrites are just a few ways we have helped clients increase their online conversion rate.


We have a team of well-trained, digital marketing professionals to work with you in developing the best SEO strategy for your online store.